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Google Sheets Templates

These are some sample Google Sheets programs. You should be able to open, save a copy of the sheet, then edit it for your own purposes.

These examples are focused on day-to-day implementation project management tasks and tracking using Google Sheets. I don't claim these are the best ways to do anything, but I do hope you find these examples useful and are able to use these ideas to fit your needs.

For context, I am a property manager handling real estate projects including deadlines and tracking maintenance work. The example subjects are property addresses, and the sample column names reflect this context. If you encounter any issues or have any questions about adapting and implementing these to suit your needs, I'm happy to help! There is a Contact page via my homepage here.


Cross-Referencing Data in Other Sheets/Tabs

Screen Shot 2023-02-18 at 2.46.12 PM.png

This multi-tab spreadsheet has a Main tab, which has a summary of all information. There are additional tabs for different people or teams - ABC, DEF, and GHI **

Each team can look at their assigned tab to fill in their data and see updated data from across the other teams as well.

** For example:

- Three different stages in the production process mark when they are done with their component, and are alerted when their precedent component is completed

- Multiple people are responsible for the same task, and additionally have other responsibilities. This template can provide them with individualized sheet "dashboards" where they can also see what other people have already completed.

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